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Now teens don't have to worry about embarrassing metal braces in their yearbook photos or Facebook profiles – introducing Invisalign® Teen! Invisalign® Teen is the clear way to straighten teeth without metal braces, using aligners. Aligners are removable and virtually invisible, which means you can straighten your teeth without anyone knowing. You can still eat and drink what you want. Also, you can brush and floss normally to maintain healthy gums and teeth, and there are no wires, metal or brackets to cause mouth abrasions.

We went to leading orthodontists, parents and teens themselves to custom-design an Invisalign system just right for the dental needs of teenagers. With blue-to-clear color-changing aligners to show how long each aligner has been worn, six free replacement aligners in case some are lost or broken, and other changes designed to accommodate growing mouths, Invisalign Teen is the perfect teeth-straightening system for today's teens' busy lifestyles!

What is Invisalign Teen?

  • Invisible way to straighten your teeth without braces.
  • Series of clear, removable, custom-made aligners.
  • Uses no metal wires or brackets.
  • Custom-made for comfort.

How Does Invisalign Teen Work?

  • Wear each set of aligners for about two weeks.
  • Remove only to eat, drink, brush and floss.
  • Your teeth will move gradually each week.
  • Visit us every 8-10 weeks.
  • Total treatment time averages 6-15 months.
  • Average number of aligners is between 18 and 30.

What Conditions Does Invisalign Teen Treat?

By using its advanced technology, Invisalign Teen can treat a broad range of dental and orthodontic conditions, which, in the past, were usually treated with traditional braces. These conditions include:

  • Overly crowded teeth
  • Widely spaced teeth
  • Crossbite
  • Overbite
  • Underbite

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Invisalign and Invisalign Teen?

There are a couple of differences between Invisalign and Invisalign Teen.

Blue dot indicators: Every set of Invisalign Teen aligners comes with a blue dot on the back of the set. The dot isn’t visible while the aligner is being worn and will fade with wear -- the purpose of the dot is to give a visual indication of how much the aligner is being worn.

The number of aligners: Teens can be more likely to need replacement aligners, so Invisalign provides more aligners in their Invisalign Teen program than for adults. So if your teen loses their aligner, they’ll be able to get a replacement easier.

Made for a growing mouth: Though Invisalign can’t be started until your teen has their adult teeth in, with the exception of wisdom teeth, teens are still growing and changing. Invisalign Teen treatment accounts for these current and future changes.

What is the right age to get Invisalign Teen?

In order to begin Invisalign treatment, your teen must have all their permanent teeth, with the exception of wisdom teeth. This means your child will likely be around 14 years old when they’re eligible for Invisalign Teen.

Maturity and responsibility are also incredibly important for successful Invisalign treatment. The aligners have to be worn for 20 to 22 hours each day as well as being removed for eating and cleaned properly. 

If you’re unsure that your teen will wear the aligners, Invisalign has accounted for it. There are blue dot indicators on each Invisalign Teen aligner that fade with continued wear. A solid blue dot means your teen hasn’t been wearing the aligner as they should.

How much does Invisalign Teen cost?

The cost of Invisalign treatment is determined on a case by case basis. For an accurate cost, we recommend scheduling a consultation with Dr. Katz by contacting our Greensboro office by calling (336) 286-5800 or our Eden office at (336) 627-1537. During the consultation he’ll examine your oral health and create a customized treatment plan which will include a breakdown of the expenses. 

Insurance may cover a portion of the cost, we recommend calling your provider prior to your appointment to get a better understanding of your specific coverage. If there are any questions we can answer, don’t hesitate to call our office and a helpful team member will be happy to assist you.

What are the disadvantages of Invisalign?

There aren’t many downsides to Invisalign because there are many advantages to invisible aligners. They’re fully removable, meaning you can more easily clean your teeth and you can eat anything you want. 

Your teen will be able to smile, eat, and play sports without worrying about the appearance or function of braces. Middle and high school can be tough for teens, and Invisalign Teen can help your teen to succeed academically as well as socially while undergoing orthodontic treatment.

The main disadvantage of Invisalign is that it can’t treat all orthodontic issues. There are limits to how far aligners can move your teeth. That means not everyone is a candidate for Invisalign treatment. You’ll learn if you fall into this category at your consultation.

Another limitation of Invisalign is that you need to be self-motivated for treatment to work. While traditional braces are attached to your teeth, Invisalign can be removed. But you’ll need to remember to keep them in for 20 to 22 hours a day. 

The Clear Alternative to Braces

While many patients don't mind braces, we know some teens can't stand the thought. Invisalign Teen was designed with your needs in mind so we can achieve your goals without hindering your lifestyle. Contact our office to schedule your Invisalign Teen consultation with Dr. Katz by calling our Greensboro office (336) 286-5800 or our Eden office at (336) 627-1537. We can't wait for you to show off your new smile!

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