AcceleDentIf you would like to improve your smile without spending months or years in braces, we recommend AcceleDent®. AcceleDent can decrease treatment time. The appliance is simple and pain-free. Best of all, using AcceleDent you can obtain a beautiful, straight smile in no time at all!

How does AcceleDent work?

AcceleDent accelerates tooth movement. You will use this light, comfortable and hands-free device for just 5 minutes a day. AcceleDent uses innovative technology to generate small vibrations to the teeth and surrounding bone, which helps teeth to move more freely. AcceleDent has been FDA approved and is completely safe.  While wearing the appliance you may feel a light tingling sensation, similar to the vibration of an electric toothbrush, but the feeling should subside as you get used to wearing it.

Advantages of AcceleDent

  • AcceleDent is an ideal treatment option for teens and adults, and is completely safe.
  • The appliance is lightweight and comfortable to wear.
  • Since AcceleDent is hands-free you can wear it while reading, listening to music or viewing your favorite television show.
  • Using AcceleDent you can obtain an attractive smile faster without sacrificing aesthetics!

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