Home Sleep Study

Home Sleep Study Steps

  1. Place batteries in the back of the machine. You will find 2 AAA batteries in the side pouch inside bag.

  2.  Place the device in the center of your chest (over clothing) and adjust the belt until snug.

  3.  Place Finger Reader on the ring finger of your non-dominant hand. Make sure the picture of the nail is facing up, or that the wire is resting on top of your hand.

  4.  Plug in the nasal cannula to side of device. Insert prongs into the nostrils. Make sure that the curved side of the prongs is facing towards the back of the nose. Loop tubing around ears and under the chin. Pull slider towards the chin until tubing is secure and comfortable.

  5.  Press and hold the center button for 2-3 seconds, until the center light turns green. Once the light is on, the test is working. Do not press the center button again, unless you’re done testing for the night.

  6.  When you wake up in the morning, press and hold the center button again for 2-3 seconds.

* If you need to use the restroom or get up in the middle of the night for any reason, leave the device as is. It will know when you are awake/asleep. If you notice the surrounding lights are off or dim, it is okay. The device goes in and out of rest mode.

* If you notice a light flashing red, you may need to adjust whatever is plugged into that spot.

* The nasal cannula is yours to keep at home, in case of the need for retesting.


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